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Integrity, Rigour, Confidentiality

SIRCO offers comprehensive and specialized investigation, protection, consulting and prevention services.

Multidisciplinary expertise

SIRCO conducts open and closed investigations, including all steps required to collect intelligence, shed light on the problem, and establish evidence if needed.

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Assistance and equipment

SIRCO offers risk analysis, security consulting, and surveillance systems to ensure the security of goods and persons, including via computer vulnerability assessment and elimination.

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Diagnosis and training

SIRCO provides consulting on all investigation and internal security matters, from security audits to crisis management, as well as training on a wide array of topics.

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Risk reduction

SIRCO performs preliminary research and offers training to prevent issues including loss, corporate fraud, industrial espionage, harassment and illicit substance use in the workplace.

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3 ways employees are letting hackers into the company

Over the last couple of years, malicious hackers and cybercriminals have become specialists in social engineering methods making their schemes […]
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Why you need a cybersecurity audit

Terry Cutler VP of Cybersecurity at SIRCO often get asked what’s the difference between a Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing […]
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How a hacker can save you and your business

There are two types of businesses. Those who know they got hacked, and those that don’t. Many business owners are unaware […]
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Our certifications

We hold all certifications required to guarantee our professionalism and reputation. Pursuant to the Private Security Act (L.R.Q, cS-3.5), SIRCO has all necessary licences to provide private security services in the areas of investigation, guarding, security consulting, and electronic security systems.

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  • Public Works and Government Services Canada

We are the experts

Wait no longer! Call on our renowned multidisciplinary team of experts for all your current or future investigation needs. We also offer 24/7 emergency service.