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On this page, SIRCO offers articles of interest concerning its expertise in matters of investigations, protection, prevention and consulting.

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3 ways employees are letting hackers into the company

26 April 2019 / Article
Over the last couple of years, malicious hackers and cybercriminals have become specialists in social engineering methods making their schemes […]
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Why you need a cybersecurity audit

5 March 2019 / Article, Media
Terry Cutler VP of Cybersecurity at SIRCO often get asked what’s the difference between a Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing […]
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How a hacker can save you and your business

6 June 2018 / Article, Media
There are two types of businesses. Those who know they got hacked, and those that don’t. Many business owners are unaware […]
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Terry Cutler wins prestigious Cybersecurity Educator of the Year 2017 award

7 February 2017 / Article, Media
Terry Cutler is named the winner of the Cybersecurity excellence award for educator of the year 2017. The annual Cybersecurity […]
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How I would hack your system if I wasn’t an ethical hacker?

3 February 2017 / Article, Advices
A blog post by Terry Cutler Professional Ethical Hacker Over recent years, we’ve all seen some mega breaches like Ashley […]
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Quebec police impersonator to woman We have a really bad file on you

19 January 2017 / Article, Media
  Vaudreuil-Soulanges resident Melissa Fairhurst claims she was the victim of a scam when she received an odd phone call […]
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Claude Sarrazin has been invited to speak as a panelist for the upcoming Senate Open Caucus on the state of cyber security in Canada

11 October 2016 / Article, Media
Claude Sarrazin, President of SIRCO has been invited to speak as a panelist for the upcoming Senate Open Caucus on […]
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30 August 2016 / Article
NEWSLETTER AUGUST 30, 2016   A recent check of FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) revealed a […]
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Cyber-evidence: Toward New Standards?

19 May 2016 / Article
When it comes to computer evidence, seizure is governed by different rules than traditional evidence. In cases where the evidence […]
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E-Reputation – All that Internet Users Perceive, Think, and Say about a Brand

18 May 2016 / Article
An e-reputation, also commonly referred to as a “web-reputation,” “cyber-reputation” or “digital reputation,” is the result of online comments by […]
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