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Montreal event promoters working to lower the risk of attack

24 May 2017 / Media
Following a terrorist attack that killed at least 22 people leaving a concert in Manchester, England, entertainment promoters in Montreal […]
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Authorities say Trudeau airport safe after reports of security flaws

31 March 2017 / Media
Airport officials confirm at least four employees have lost their security clearance because of their apparent sympathies towards ISIS. This […]
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Montreal Trudeau airport employees potentially radicalized: report claims

31 March 2017 / Media
  Airport security jumped into the spotlight after J.E., TVA network’s investigative unit, reported that four employees at the Pierre […]
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Quebec police impersonator to woman We have a really bad file on you

19 January 2017 / Article, Media
  Vaudreuil-Soulanges resident Melissa Fairhurst claims she was the victim of a scam when she received an odd phone call […]
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Claude Sarrazin has been invited to speak as a panelist for the upcoming Senate Open Caucus on the state of cyber security in Canada

11 October 2016 / Media, Article
Claude Sarrazin, President of SIRCO has been invited to speak as a panelist for the upcoming Senate Open Caucus on […]
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